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.NET Coreby Microsoft

.NET Core is an open-source, general-purpose development platform. You can create .NET Core apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux for x64, x86, ARM32, and ARM64 processors using multiple programming languages. Frameworks and APIs are provided for cloud, IoT, client UI, and machine learning.

.NET Core Previewby Microsoft

Preview version of the .NET Core SDK.

.Net Frameworkby Microsoft

.NET Framework is a technology that supports building and running Windows apps and web services. .NET Framework is designed to fulfill the following objectives.

0 A.D. is a free, open-source, historical Real Time Strategy (RTS) game currently under development by Wildfire Games, a global group of volunteer game developers. As the leader of an ancient civilization, you must gather the resources you need to raise a military force and dominate your enemies.

010Editorby SweetScape

Professional text and hex editor with Binary Templates

1Passwordby AgileBits

1Password remembers all your passwords for you, and keeps them safe and secure behind the one password that only you know.

4K Video Downloader Freeby OpenMedia LLC

Free video downloader for sites such as YouTube and TikTok.

4K Youtube to MP3 Freeby OpenMedia LLC

Free downloader to MP3 for sites such as YouTube and Instagram.

7+ Taskbar Tweakerby

Windows Taskbar Customization Tool

Free and open source file archiver with a high compression ratio.

7Zip-zstdby mcmilk

7-Zip with support for Brotli, Fast-LZMA2, Lizard, LZ4, LZ5 and Zstandard

AbaClient allows to log-in into your Abacus Business Software or AbaWeb - without any internet browser and without having java installed.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DCby Adobe

The free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, signing, and commenting on PDF documents.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Czechby Adobe

The free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, signing, and commenting on PDF documents.

Adobe Flash Player 32 NPAPI (Firefox)by Adobe


Adobe Flash Player 32 PPAPIby Adobe

Flash Player 32 PPAPI

AdobeDigitalEditionsby Adobe

AdoptOpenJDK (x64)by AdoptOpenJDK

Community-driven, Vendor-neutral build of OpenJDK for Windows x64.

Advanced Installerby Caphyon

Advanced IP Scannerby Famatech Corp

Reliable and free network scanner to analyse LAN.

AdvancedRestClientby PawelPsztyc

The Advanced REST Client desktop application.

AIMP is a freeware audio player

Akelpad Editorby Akelpad

An open source editor for plain text. It is designed to be a small and fast.

Alchemy is a Second Life™ and OpenMetaverse compatible viewer striving to be at the forefront of stability, performance, and technological advancement in the open-source metaverse viewer field. We are always based on the latest release code from Linden Lab, and are currently in active development with new features, bug fixes, and performance optimizations landing in our source code repository near...

Algodoo is a unique 2D-simulation software from Algoryx Simulation AB. Algodoo is designed in a playful, cartoony manner, making it a perfect tool for creating interactive scenes. Explore physics, build amazing inventions, design cool games or experiment with Algodoo in your science classes. Algodoo encourages students and children’s own creativity, ability and motivation to construct knowledge wh...

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